The title of today’s blog post is odd. I agree. It looks more like something out of a mathematics textbook. I also agree. But if you’ve heard beyonce’s 7/11, Naeto C’s 10/10 and 5&6 or rihanna’s 4/5 seconds; you shouldn’t be that alarmed. Artistic expression often comes in numerical form. So don’t panic. I know you hate mathematics, but I’m not here to mock you or add to your misery.

This post, all things being equal is the last for the year( I pray there’s no dramatic happening that requires my literary intervention) and the title is just indicative of the fact that this is the last month of the year.

You see there are about one thousand ways to die. But as a Nigerian living in Nigeria: the odds are stacked against you. So there are about a million ways you could die. Here’s a quick list of what could kill you:

1. Boko haram
2. Police
3. Soldiers
4. Traffic
5. Fuel Scarcity
6. Noise from generators
7. Amebo

And so on…….

So because you’re alive to read this post; I celebrate you. You have somehow emerged unscathed from this forest of a thousand daemons. A country where everything is designed to kill you. Infact you should thank God (if you believe in him). 2015 has been a terrific year and you don’t need me to start reeling out the reasons because you’ve seen them yourself.

So this one is for you the readers. You who read my posts. you who share them. And you who comment. I say Gracias. You guys are the reason i write and i appreciate you for allowing me present Nigeria to you through my lens.

Thank you, and I say let’s do this again in 2016. šŸ™‚


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