Creative writing


My view is of:



They swarm around vegetables, red meat and seductive tomatoes as though taking their fill before buyers come for them.

Wooden stalls divided into rows and sections. Carved out paths like the kings highway.Brisk feet. Tired souls in tired soles.

Sweaty market women enthroned on stools, calling out[Come my customer come]
Buyers and sellers bargaining.
shrewd voices locked in a cacophony of other shrewd voices.
A toddler,tailing behind her mother,
trying to make sense of this boisterous setting.

My view is of:

a man in starched shirt, sleeves up.
First time visitor but nevertheless doing fine pricing fish.[Mama Egba 300 naira]

Cat fish yanked out of water,
blood dripping as knife pierces through its slippery outer.A higher cause awaits- of cold beer and pepper soup.

Tomato, pepper and their shy onion compatriot. Shedding their shape as they slide down the grinding machine.
A higher cause awaits- of fried stew and ofada rice

My view is of cow tail and ponmo dripping dirty water, the meat seller chopping away. His tribal marks concurring with every swing of his knife.

My view is of indomie cartons, stacked high to the heavens as though offering the sun a noodle.

My view is of a Lagos market.


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